Installation & AdminΒΆ

Welcome to the GSDM Installation & Admin documentation.

This module is more oriented to users having some System Administrator background.

At the end of this section you will be able to setup from scratch the whole GSDM platform and understand how to the different pieces are interconnected and which are their dependencies.


Before proceeding with the reading, it is strongly recommended to be sure having clear the following concepts:

  1. Linux OS shell and administration commands
  2. GeoServer
  3. PostgreSQL/PostGIS
  4. Python and Django framework
  5. Apache HTTPD Server and WSGI Python bindings
Installation Guide
This section is a guide to get GSDM up and running in a Linux operating system. This is meant to be run on a fresh machine with no previously installed packages or GSDM versions.
Configuration Guide
This section describes how to configure the GSDM application.